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5 Things to make your Airbnb Cleaning Successful


    • Same Day Cleaning – In order to make your Airbnb successful you are 100% going to need to have a cleaning service that can provide for same day cleaning. With most of our Airbnb hosts that means providing an 11am-3pm window for a successful Airbnb cleans. Having to close a property for 24 hours after each guest is going to cost you financially.
    • Clean Pressed Linen – Todays Airbnb guests expect clean pressed white linen similar to that in a hotel. Please don’t get sucked into being a typical new host and purchasing 4 sets of colours and designed linen from IKEA. There is no denying it makes your initial marketing photos stand out but have you tried to wash and iron a set and replace it on the bed? It really doesn’t look like the initial pictures. After 5 washes, the linen really isn’t going to last the pace of a commercial operation. We can provide Airbnb rental pressed white linen the same as a hotel if you need. Just reach out to us for a quote.
    • Basic Supplies – Once again this is easy to do at the start. Soap – Check, Shampoo – Check, Toilet paper – check, Dishwasher tablets – check, washing tablets – check, coffee sachets – check, etc. But its consistency that is key to your superhost status on your Airbnb in Dublin. I would suggest purchasing in bulk getting a cabinet with a lock in your Airbnb and replenishing after each clean. Going to the shops each time when you’re rushing to clean in your 5 hour window with a same day check in is going to be stressful.
    • Correct Equipment – You have a good vacuum cleaner, mop bucket and fresh mop heads at home right? Well you need to have the same in your Airbnb in Dublin. When we initially take on a new Airbnb cleaning in Dublin the host often has inadequate cleaning equipment on site. This is going to lead to low stars in your cleaning review from your guests. PLEASE equip your Airbnb in Dublin with a good vacuum of at least a Henry hoover standard, Mop heads with easy replaceable mop heads you can wash and the best of cleaning products. This is a commercial operation in the most and you need to equip it with the same.
    • Don’t Cut Corners – When we quote for new Airbnb cleaning services with hosts across the country one of the first things hosts tell me “ Yes it’s a 2 bedroom apartment that only takes me 30 minutes to clean”. Maybe the 2-bedroom apartment piece is not every time but hosts often like to do a provide a rapid turn around. Don’t cut corners please, each press needs to be checked, each freezer drawer, under each bed, sofa cushion, behind each curtain, ok I hope I’m creating a picture here. Cut corners and you will quickly have Airbnb Support on your phone looking to see how you are going to compensate your guest for your cleaning failings and you’re on your way to a 1 star review.


I hope I have not scared you too much in the above but from years of experience doing Airbnb Cleaning in Dublin along with Host services we know a thing or two about Airbnb Cleaning. If you’re a new host in Dublin or looking to simply get a professional cleaning company in please contact us at Clean2let.

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